The Environment Committee and other club members are currently participating in 3 annual activities.

April each year
Nipissing University - Robert J. Surtees Athletics Centre
Viewing 10 am to 5 pm
Awards at 6:30 pm
The committee participates in the judging and provides 3 Community Impact Awards¹ – for deserving projects in any category that make a practical difference in the community.
  • Junior Division [Grade 7/8] > Certificate and $50 per project
  • Intermediate Division [Grade 9/10] > Certificate and $100 per project
  • Senior Division [Grade 11/12] > Certificate and $150 per project

The Club's Youth Committee also provides one of the major awards at the Fair - "Rotary Club of North Bay Award of Excellence" - awarded to an exceptional project, students who represent the North Bay Regional Science Fair at the Canada-Wide Fair. The award includes a school plaque and funding ($500) for travel expenses for the students participating to the Canada-Wide Fair.
1. Awards renamed for the 2017 fair. Previously awarded for: 
  • Best Project related to the Environment in the Junior Division
  • Best Project related to the Environment in the Intermediate Division
  • Best Project related to the Environment in the Senior Division

Clean, Green, Beautiful North Bay

Our committee has signed on as a volunteer with this community-based organization and has adopted the section of Chippewa Creek between Cassel Street and Fisher Street. Monthly cleanups along the creek and adjacent trails and parklands are carried out on a monthly basis.
Over the years erosion, flooding, development and pollution took its toll on Chippewa Creek. Community partners are rallying to restore this waterway. Riparian plantings, realignment designs to prevent flooding and restore natural habitat, education initiatives, and stewardship projects such as the EcoPath’s "Adopt-the-Creek" program are reviving this biodiverse treasure in North Bay. Once a gathering place for the N’bisiing First Nations peoples, the Creek is once again a place where the community gathers to celebrate nature, honour community and preserve the value of the Creek for generations to come.
For more about CGB > read here.

Past Committee Projects - have included: the Chippewa Creek EcoPath Adopt-a-Creek Program; the Laurier Woods Dipping Deck that allows students a means of carrying out pond studies; and funds towards the former North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority's "Lend a Hand" Program (also at Laurier Woods) that provided for transporting Grade 4 students to the woods to learn about wetlands, complex habitats, different types of communities and the diversity of ecosystems.