SIP is a Special Education class made up of 6 students aged 14-20 (4 males and 2 females) with Developmental Disabilities, Autism, Down Syndrome, and Cerebral Palsy. SIP's is the highest needs classroom in the Near North District School Board, and are always looking for ways to integrate their students into meaningful activities within our school and community.
The goal of the SIP Program is to transition Special Education students successfully into adulthood. As adults, the students will attend recreational programs, and possibly volunteer or hold small job placements. To prepare for this they teach life skills such as cooking and self-care, and focus on spending time in the community to develop strong social and communication skills. The school board provides a very minimal budget, which is quickly exhausted. Parents also contribute to the program, but with medically complex children, their finances are stretched to the limit.
One of their latest health-based projects is the SIP Healthy Garden Club, with the goal of managing a school and/or community garden plot.  This teaches the students about responsibility, healthy eating, and promoting community involvement.  They are working alongside the Chippewa Garden Club, which is a valuable integration opportunity for our students.  With your support, our garden project could be a huge success, and would offer our students a sense of accomplishment, pride and the gift of good health!
The hope is to share some of their produce with local charities, such as the Gathering Place and North Bay Food Bank.
The Rotary club provided funding to assist with getting this program off the ground (soil/compost, seeds/plants, garden tools, etc.). 
Some funds were allocated to purchasing T-Shirts for the students.
Cheryl Brisson
Special Education Specialist
Chippewa Secondary School
April 25, 2016