A lovely change has taken place at the waterfront this summer.

It all began with a phone call in the spring of 2023 from Grace Dorion, then President of the North Bay Rotary Club. She shared the international pollinator movement embraced by Rotary around the world to create pollinator beds for birds, bees, butterflies, and insects.
The Parks Department had slated the unattended mugo pine bed for removal about five years ago. The Heritage Gardeners Design Team and Parks discussed the location of the pollinator bed knowing that new beds were not available, and it was possible to “grandfather” this mugo bed #24. The Parks Department noticed that it was harbouring an unsafe environment in the centre, and this was the year planned for removal.

The Heritage Gardeners saw an opportunity to accept the offer by the Rotary Club of North Bay to pay for all the plants. The Parks Department reviewed and approved of the concept and the Design Team spent a considerable amount of time designing the area. Then the search for plants began. Below is a list of the different kinds of plants, honouring spring, summer and fall for pollinator birds and insects.

Our goal was to plant bed #24 this spring with an opportunity for the plants to take root and start maturing this year. Heritage Gardener work blitzes were amazing as we planted, weeded, and added compost and mulch. We are aware that change is inevitable in all garden beds, and this bed may be no exception as the plants mature. The Parks Department assisted with their watering truck during this summer’s dry spells.

There were many positive comments from people enjoying the process and end result.
Eventually, a Rotary Peace Pole will be installed to the left of the bed facing the lake.

Thanks to everyone involved in the establishment in this pollinator bed.
Story courtesy of The North Bay Heritage Gardeners (August 2023 Newsletter)

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