“My son, Aidan, has enjoyed Camp Tillicum for many years, first as a camper and now as a volunteer “junior counsellor”. Aidan has Down Syndrome.  He’s much like other youths his age, but requires some extra one-on-one care and encouragement to try new things. Over the years, the camaraderie of the campers and the counsellors have helped Aidan overcome some shyness and join in on group activities.  His social skills have improved exponentially and he is now a funny young man who enjoys entertaining others with his jokes, stories, and dance moves.  He has developed some meaningful friendships that have extended well past the summer months.” – Angela Devine
“I cannot say enough about the growth that my kids have achieved over their years at camp. My oldest especially has been given the chance to grow and achieve so many things because everyone has seen the potential that he has and allowed him to be himself while also allowing him to change the lives of others in ways that are supportive and beneficial to him. My youngest son loves to be indoors watching TV and playing games with the exception to this being camp. He was always up early and ready to go to spend his day outdoors.” – Jennifer Daguerre
“Camp Tillicum has been a big part of my family's life. My late husband firmly believed that children as well as adults should have this special place to commune with nature. Our boys enjoyed their time there and learned leadership skills because of the camp setting, not to mention canoeing skills too.  Camp Tillicum played a big part with volunteers both Rotarian and non-Rotarians alike. People willingly came out to help keep up the camp as they remembered the camp from their youth, or because they believed, as my husband did, that the wilderness brings out the best in us all. Since we are now in a plugged-in world, a place to quietly reflect or play with friends is so important to our lives. Hopefully Camp Tillicum will remain in Rotary's hands for a long time to come so that future generations can take the time to unplug and unwind in such a beautiful setting.” – Nancy Lewis