Groundbreaking ceremony for new facility - September 21, 2019

Formal launch of the Camp Tillicum Renewal Project

In order to ensure that Camp Tillicum continues to serve as a key resource for youth, the Camp Tillicum Board of Directors recognizes that the property itself must be renovated and revitalized.

The Board has developed a "Camp Tillicum Renewal Project - Case for Support" document, that sets out the following goals so that success in ensuring sustainability of the camp may be achieved:
1. Improve appearance and function by:
  1. Demolishing deteriorating dock and cabins. 
  2. Updating male and female bathrooms. 
2. Advance the planning of the renewal by:
  1. Developing relationships with consultants in architecture, surveying, construction, and fundraising. 
  2. Create information packages for key audiences. 
3. Develop architectural drawings suitable for a building permit. 
4. Provide a camp experience to at least 500 children who may otherwise not have the wherewithal to take part in such activities.